Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas quilts part three!

here is a quilt for my granny for christmas. I took a log cabin class, and from there decided to make this. I bought two jelly rolls from Connecting Threads, and althought they're not my kind of colours, my granny really liked them. Here is the block detail

And here is the detail of the quilting, turned out to be a pretty difficult pattern to quilt on my wee brother machine, lots of turning the whole thing through the arm of the machine.

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craftycherry said...

Hi just found your blog via quilting bloggers. Im a fellow kiwi who loves to quilt and I love your log cabin quilt. I hope to make a log cabin this year. Ive got in mind a flannel one in plaids. Im also a avid reader of crazy mom, she really is amazing the amount she manages to sews and her tutorials etc!1